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Do you….

Struggle to get through the day without reaching for the biscuit tin?

Find yourself in a post-lunch slump most days?

Desperately want to change your eating habits, but have no idea where to start?

Are you….

Fed up with being controlled by your cravings?

Fed up with trying to guess which foods are ‘forbidden’?

Fed up with losing weight on low-calorie diets, then putting it back on again as soon as you resume ‘normal eating’? 

Food shouldn’t make you feel fed up. Food should make you feel fed well.

The Secret Kitchen Club helps you rediscover the joy of eating tasty, nutritious food that leaves you feeling good, not guilty.

It’s your gateway to a more organised life, one where food shopping and meal planning needn’t be a headache.

Be part of the healthy foodie community that will revolutionise your life. 


I’ve created The Secret Kitchen Club to bring you real food meal plans and recipes that don’t skimp on flavour or nutritional value. I’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. I am passionate about the power of wholesome, healthy foods to make you feel amazing.

I’m Lauren Gayfer, a nutritional therapist, healthy food-obsessive, and founder of The Fairy Food Mother, my nutritional therapy practice for women who want to regain their sparkle.

Time and again, over the last 15 years, good nutrition has brought me back to health. When I was suffering with IBS in my 20s, as an exhausted new mother in my 30s, and now as I manage my autoimmunue thyroid disease in my 40s, the foundation is always food.

Creating healthy, delicious meals that make you feel amazing is what I love to do. And nothing gives me a bigger buzz than sharing this with other women and witnessing their transformation from tired, bloated and sugar addicted to energised, vibrant and free from cravings. I want to share this with you.

Join The Secret Kitchen Club and let me guide you towards the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted but never thought you could achieve.

I did the full week of the Shift the Sugar Plan and involved my family too…. Following the Plan, I signed up to The Secret Kitchen Club so that I could continue on the journey of eating healthy and nutritious food and managing my blood sugar levels more effectively. The biscuits no longer call me from the cupboard as I can now say “NO”! Thank you Lauren for making it easy to put my needs first in a busy family with three young children…


So, what is it exactly?

The Secret Kitchen Club is a monthly membership club for people who don’t have time to think about meal planning but want to cook easy, delicious and healthy dishes every day.

That’s where I come in. With the help of my meal plans, shopping lists and guidance, you can enjoy delicious meals every day and feel a whole lot healthier without having to resort to expensive or restrictive diet plans.

When you join the club you’ll gain access to:

A 5-day meal plan

with wholesome recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two people. All recipes are free from gluten and refined carbohydrates. A brand new meal plan is released on 1st of every month.

Shopping list

Save time and money by shopping from a totally done-for-you list

Detailed Sunday prep instructions

Get completely organised for the week ahead. No more dinnertime panic. 

Themed recipe bundle

A seasonal collection of recipes to add to your monthly repertoire. Previous bundles have included Snacks, Smoothies, Dressings and Slow Cooker

Private Facebook group

Exclusive access to an amazing, supportive community in my private Facebook group. I am on hand daily and post weekly LIVE VIDEOS & Q&As.

Members' Area

All accessed via your own personal login on The Secret Kitchen Club Members’ Area

PLUS these bonuses:


BONUS 5-day meal plan

with shopping list & prep instructions.

My 'Secret Kitchen Superheroes'

Everything you need to get started, my store-cupboard favourites and how to navigate your way round the supermarket

Real food, fresh ingredients, prepared by you, every day of the week.

No gimmicks. No strings.

I am sleeping better, and now sometimes even wake up feeling refreshed – this is a big thing for me! I rarely have days where I feel the need for ‘fuel’ around 3pm to get me through to the next meal. I am generally snacking less, but when I do snack, they are healthy, informed choices. The physical benefits are very clear; on my digestion; my performance as a runner; I have lost weight but more importantly, inches. I am finally seeing a fitter healthier me that I feel I can sustain.


Membership to The Secret Kitchen Club is for you if:  

  • You enjoy cooking and eating delicious food, but you’ve run out of inspiration in the kitchen.
  • Your diet needs a bit of a kick up the backside in the ‘healthy-ness’ department but you don’t want to be ‘on a diet’.
  • You love the idea of being more organised with your meal planning, but feel too overwhelmed to know where to start. 
  • You want the support and guidance of an experienced qualified nutritional therapist who’s here to help not judge (that’s me).

This isn’t a short-term energy-boost, or weight-loss diet. This is a lifestyle change to help you rediscover the joy of eating and the power food has to make you feel fantastic.

I went on to join The Secret Kitchen Club after the Shift the Sugar Challenge as for me it’s a no-brainer, Lauren tells me what to buy, how to prepare it and gives me the recipe.

Lauren truly is amazing at what she does and very supportive and very available with answers to any questions we may have.

I also enjoy seeing what others are doing and we all bounce off each other with variations of recipes etc…




– Am I locked into a contract?

No. Your membership will automatically renew every month (on the same date you joined). You can cancel anytime before your next payment is due by emailing

– Why are the recipes gluten free, do I have to follow a gluten free diet?

No, but it’s healthier, I eat this way, so my recipes are all gluten free. Most high sugar foods are also high gluten foods – cakes, biscuits etc. You are welcome to continue to eat gluten.

– Are the payments recurring?

Yes, the payment of £15 will go out every month.

When the challenge week came to an end I felt I’d only just begun this lifestyle change – and it is just that, no dieting involved. Signing up to the Secret Kitchen Club was a no-brainer. It is great value for money and takes the hassle out of meal planning – Lauren even writes your shopping list!

I have tried new foods and meals that I would never have thought of before and have not had a meal I haven’t enjoyed yet. I have changed my mindset and now eat to nourish my body and rarely eat processed foods. I have still enjoyed the occasional piece of birthday cake, meal out or alcoholic drink, but no longer crave these things and can easily control my portions of them.

The plan limits sugar, but it’s full of flavour. I can enjoy eating quality, full fat foods so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything and best of all, there is no calorie counting. Even with a week away, in the last month as a member of the Secret Kitchen Club, I have now lost over a stone in weight and have a healthier relationship with food.”



If you have any questions, please feel free to email me on