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  • Do you dream of being one of those really organised people with a weekly meal plan stuck to their fridge?
  • Are you sick of resorting to cooking the same five (carb-heavy) meals on repeat, week in, week out?
  • Would you like to eat a greater variety of tasty, healthy dishes but can’t be faffed to scour through your mountain of recipe books?

You can be this organised. There is a way out of your repetitive food rut.

  • Picture a life where the meals you eat leave you feeling energised and not like a bloated blimp.
  • Think how good it would feel to have a collection of yummy, gluten-free meals planned for the week ahead, shopping done.
  • Imagine opening the fridge and having all the right ingredients to create these delicious, nutritious dishes within half an hour.

 That’s why I’ve created The Secret Kitchen Club

Weekday meal plans  Shopping lists  Delicious, gluten-free recipes  Done for you

The Secret Kitchen Club is your gateway to a more organised life, one where food shopping and meal planning needn’t be a headache.

Be part of the healthy foodie community that will revolutionise your life. 

At least in the kitchen anyway.

I’m Lauren Gayfer, a nutritional therapist, healthy food-obsessive, and founder of The Fairy Food Mother. I am passionate about the power of wholesome, healthy foods to make you feel amazing.

After being diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s) four years ago, I began following a gluten-free diet to manage this condition. Some studies suggest there is a strong link between gluten intolerance and thyroid disease. Gluten was making me tired, bloated and grumpy and it was sending my antibodies through the roof.

However, I soon realised that all the gluten-free ‘pseudo-foods’ weren’t helping my health either. So I set about creating delicious recipes made with real ingredients. This was the turning point my health needed.

I have created The Secret Kitchen Club to bring you real food meal plans and recipes that don’t skimp on flavour or nutritional value – they just happen to be gluten-free. I’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to.

So, what is it exactly?

The Secret Kitchen Club is a monthly membership club for people who don’t have time to think about meal planning but want to cook easy, delicious and healthy dishes every day. You may be following a gluten-free diet, or want to experience the health benefits of a gluten-free lifestyle – but need a bit of a helping hand along the way.

That’s where I come in. You can cook delicious, gluten-free meals every day and feel a whole lot sparklier without having to resort to expensive or restrictive diet plans.

Real food, fresh ingredients, prepared by you, every day of the week. No gimmicks. No strings.

The club has inspired me to plan my week of meals ahead so I’m not constantly popping to Tesco Express. I’ve cut down on stodge and sugar and feel better for it, and I feel more positive about spending time in the kitchen. The recipes are always simple but completely delicious. I used to feel the need to do an expensive detox in January, but now I am focusing on nourishment. Amanda, club member

As a club member you will receive a Monthly Pack which includes:

  • One five-day meal plan for two people with recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All recipes are free from gluten and refined carbohydrates, and many are also dairy-free.
  • Shopping list ready to print out and take straight to the supermarket
  • Detailed Sunday prep instructions to save you time in the week.
  • A themed Recipe Bundle: a seasonal collection of extra recipes.
  • Exclusive access to a community of other club members in a private Facebook group. 
All accessed via your own personal login on online portal
Knowing that I don’t have to find time to join a slimming club, but still get the support network – it feels like one-to-one support from you. Your suggestions and tips are always quick and helpful, and the group gives me permission to take time out to get organised.  Karen, club member

Upon joining the club, you will gain access to:

  • Immediate delivery of all of the content mentioned above for the current month, plus access to the Facebook group.
  • A bonus five-day meal plan  giving you two weeks of meal plans to start you off.
  • My ‘Secret Kitchen Superheroes’ – everything you need to get started, my store-cupboard favourites and how to navigate your way round the supermarket.
  • Monthly Packs are then released on the 1st of every month.

Membership to The Secret Kitchen Club is for you if:  

  • You enjoy cooking and eating delicious food, but you’ve run out of inspiration in the kitchen.
  • You’re diet needs a bit of a kick up the backside in the ‘healthy-ness’ department but you don’t want to be ‘on a diet’.
  • You love the idea of being more organised with your meal planning, but feel too overwhelmed to know where to start. 
The way I feel, both physically and mentally, after having a nice, healthy week can’t be underestimated: when I’m tired I reach for sugar and quick, processed foods. Your plans give me the chance to take something out of the fridge and make a good, useful and tasty meal with no thinking on my part, and no guilt. Rachel, club member

Ready to join the club?

How much are we talking here?

Step away from the stodge and start enjoying delicious, nutritious meals. I’ll plan them. You cook them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me on